Tom Ford Sunglasses Repair

Tom Ford Sunglasses Repair

Affordable Tom Ford sunglasses repair. Every Tom Ford sunglasses repair is done by competent technicians who have over 50 years of industry experience.

In 99.9% of cases your Tom Ford eyewear can be fixed by the team. If your local technician has told you that your glasses are beyond economic repair, the team that can assist.

All services are carried out by hand using compatible replacement parts and tools for a professional result.

Your Tom Ford sunglasses repair can be completed within just 48 hours, so you won't be apart from your sunglasses for too long. Whether it's broken prescription eyewear or snapped arms on fashionable shades, The Sun-Spec Fixer has a cost-effective solution.

Tom Ford Glasses Repair

For a swift and low cost Tom Ford glasses repair, look no further! The skilled technicians can repair any glasses problem reliably, and take pride in the quality of their work

Every Tom Ford glasses repair is offered by secure postal delivery to the fully equipped national repair centre.

This is where the specialists have access to high grade parts and equipment. At the national repair centre they are able to finish repairs carefully and quickly.

Whatever model you need repairs for, and whatever the issue that needs attention, the fully trained experts are able to help.

Want a Tom Ford glasses repair? Then just submit the online form on this page with your contact details and problem.

A member of the team will reply soon to help you arrange your service by postal delivery to the national repair centre.

Tom Ford Sunglasses Repairs

Tom Ford Sunglasses Repairs

The skilled experts are proud of their reliable Tom Ford sunglasses repairs. They aim for every service to be reliable.

A full warranty is included with Tom Ford sunglasses repairs, many of which are finished within 48 hours.

Here is a brief list of some of the models of Tom Ford glasses that the specialists can repair: Tom Ford Nina, Tom Ford Alana, Tom Ford Paloma, Tom Ford Cristophe, Tom Ford Riley, Tom Ford Rickie, Tom Ford Ekaterina, and Tom Ford Alicia.

These are just a selection of the glasses or sunglasses models that can be repaired. Whatever repair or service you need, the technicians can offer it.

Want your lenses reglazed? No problem! The capable team provide competitive Tom Ford lens reglazing.

If you need lens replacements, there are many choices available. You can simply replace your original lenses with matching lenses, or replace them with a new prescription.

If you fancy an upgrade to tinted, UV, anti-scratch, or transition lenses, these are all available at agreeable prices as part of Tom Ford sunglasses repairs.

If your frames need repairs, then the skilled professionals can solder broken arms, replate worn frames, and replace damaged frames with an identical pair.

Loose or damaged parts such as nose pads, temple tips, screws or spring joints can be repaired or replaced accurately as well. Finally, servicing is also offered to help extend the longevity of your glasses.

These are just a selection of the Tom Ford sunglasses repairs that the specialists can conduct capably. So if you're searching for first class Tom Ford glasses repairs, then the team can't be beat.

Extremely speedy and friendly service. Thanks. 5 / 5


They were amazing. My treasured Chanel glasses were fixed perfectly and returned the next day. Outstanding service 5 / 5


I received an offer from Premiere and if my customer decides, we will send the frame to repair.

I am satisfyed with the response!

Best regards!

5 / 5


First class service for an economy class price. 5 / 5

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Tom Ford Glasses Cleaning

Tom Ford Glasses Cleaning

Tom Ford glasses cleaning involves cleaning and is conducted by experienced specialists. Servicing can help to prolong the lifespan of your glasses, and make them more comfortable to wear.


The arms on my frames snapped, is this covered by a Tom Ford glasses repair?

Depending on the extent of the damage, the original arm frames can either be welded back to nearly new condition, or replaced with identical frame arms.


I want to get transition lenses for my prescription shades. Is Tom Ford lens replacement possible?

Yes, the technicians are able to replace lenses in Tom Ford glasses. They have a selection of additional options for lens replacements, such as UV lenses, anti-scratch coating, tinted lenses and transition lenses.


Are Tom Ford sunglasses repairs expensive?

All Tom Ford sunglasses repairs are realistically priced. They only ever conduct repairs where worthwhile.


My shades look a bit worn down, is cleaning offered as well as Tom Ford sunglasses repairs?

The experts understand that you'll want your Tom Ford glasses to look bran new. So they offer a comprehensive polishing and servicing package to get them sparkling again.

my nose pads are missing from my tom ford sunglasses. do you have a price for repair, thank you

Bert Murray

i am going on holiday on friday and the arm on my jennifer tom ford sunglasses has broken. I wouldnă˘â‚¬â„˘t have time to send them to you so I was wondering if you could send m a replacement (left) arm by thursday and how much it would be. thanks

Jennifer Hitchcock

hii have only had my tom ford whitney sunglasses around 6 months and hardly used them they have a mark on I have been back to where I bought them as I haven't knocked them it happened following leaving them outside on a table whilst having lunch and then they had a bump mark on them as they were under warranty but they have been unhelpful. are you able to replace the lens?thank you in anticip

samantha groves

do you sell replacement lenses for tom ford ft x whitney sunglasses colour 199? if so, how much is a pair including postage. will they have the tom ford etched in the top left hand corner of the left lens? thanks

Alison Rodrigues

one of the arms has broken off a pair of tom ford glasses I own I would like to get them fixed

Matt Knight