Tiffany Glasses Repair Leeds

Tiffany Glasses Repair Leeds

For a prompt and affordable Tiffany glasses repair for Leeds, The Sun-Spec Fixer can connect you with the experts.

Skilled specialists can carry out a careful Tiffany glasses repair for Leeds for 99.9% of faults. Whether it is a damaged arm, hinge or lens, the staff can help.

Getting your eyewear repaired has never been easier with the staff. The service is fuss-free, being provided by postal delivery to the fully equipped glasses repair centre.

Every successful Tiffany glasses repair for Leeds includes a 1 year warranty for your peace of mind. Your sunglasses or glasses could be fixed and delivered back to your address within 24-48 hours in most cases.

Tiffany Sunglasses Repair Leeds

If you require a Tiffany sunglasses repair for Leeds, you should look for specialists in the industry.

The independent team offering Tiffany sunglasses repairs for Leeds have over 50 years of industry experience, so they know how to deliver a first class service.

They provide a useful service by direct postal delivery to the fully equipped national repair centre. There the experienced technicians conduct repairs by hand, using high quality equipment and parts.

You won't have to wait long for your Tiffany glasses repair covering Leeds, with most being finished within just 24-48 hours. For added reassurance, all Tiffany glasses repairs for Leeds come with a 1 year warranty covering parts and labour as standard.

So why not get in contact today? Let the team save you money and effort with their convenient service.

Fill in your contact information and glasses issue into the online form on this page to receive a price for a Tiffany sunglasses repair Leeds by postal delivery to the modern repair centre.

Tiffany Sunglasses Lens Replacement Leeds

Tiffany Sunglasses Lens Replacement Leeds

If you want a dependable Tiffany sunglasses lens replacement for Leeds, The Sun-Spec Fixer has the solution.

All the popular models can be repaired including Tiffany & Co Atlas, Bangle, Garden, Hearts, Locks, Metro, Signature, Twist and Victoria.

If you want a lens replacement, the experts can source matching lenses to your original ones, or provide optional upgrades.

For instance, they can replace your Tiffany glasses lenses with UV, tinted, transition, anti-scratch lenses, or simply an updated prescription.

The trained technicians carry out all repairs by hand, to ensure that they are careful.

If you've accidentally broken your glasses frames, don't despair! This is a common problem. The team can weld snapped frame arms and mend accidental damage.

If breakages are significant, matching replacement frames can be found, although repairs will always be attempted where possible. The professionals use the best equipment and components to ensure every Tiffany glasses repair for Leeds is dependable.

Any loose or broken components can be repaired or replaced, such as screws, temple tips, nose pads, or spring joints.

Finally, if you simply want to keep your glasses in excellent condition, servicing and frame straightening can notably improve the lifespan of your Tiffany glasses, and issues can be diagnosed and addressed too.

These are only a sample of the services provided by the experienced experts. When you want a Tiffany glasses lens replacement for Leeds, go to the best.

Very impressed with this company I sent an email explaining my problem with my sunglasses and got a prompt response.
My glasses are now on their way back to me fixed at a very reasonable price.

5 / 5


This company carried out a repair which local opticians said "could not be done". I posted to them on day one, received a quotation on day two which I agreed, and the spectacles were returned on day four. Service indeed! 5 / 5


The service was exceptional with excellent communication from Gina. The speed of the service was fantastic, I posted the glasses on Tuesday and got them back on Friday. Will definitely use again, 5 / 5


Fantastic Customer Service, professional, I cannot recommend them any higher, repaired and returned within a week, Thank you 5 / 5

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Tiffany Sunglasses Repairs Leeds

Tiffany Sunglasses Repairs Leeds

Tiffany sunglasses repairs Leeds at low prices. Sunglasses are repaired by hand for a professional result and cover all the popular collections including 1837, Atlas, Aria, Garden, Hearts, Locks, Metro, Signature, Twist, Victoria and Ziegfeld Collection.


Do I get a warranty with Tiffany glasses repairs for Leeds?

Yes, the experts are pleased to offer 12 month warranties with all Tiffany glasses repairs for Leeds. This warranty covers parts and labour used in the repair, for added peace of mind.


I dropped my prescription glasses the arms broke off. Can I get a Tiffany sunglasses repair for Leeds?

Tiffany frame and arm repairs are performed by hand, and broken parts can be welded back to like new condition. If damage is extensive, replacement parts can be sourced that match the original one.


Will I have to wait a long time for a Tiffany glasses repair for Leeds?

Tiffany glasses repairs for Leeds are fast, with most repairs being complete within just 24-48 hours. If spare parts are required, or repairs are complex, then repairs may take longer. In this case you would be notified quickly.


I've been informed that my Tiffany glasses are beyond repair in Leeds?

In 99.9% of cases, the specialists can conduct successful Tiffany glasses repairs for Leeds even if you've been informed that they are beyond repair.

Repairs are always better than replacements, since they save you money and effort, and you can keep your best Tiffany glasses for longer.

the arm of my tiffany sunglasses broke and ive misplaced the arm. can you fix this?

Rebecca oates

the metal nose piece has broken off the bridge of my tiffany sun glasses, is it possible to fix it ? I have taken it into the options and the said it cant be welded as it will just snap again. middle no-tf3024-b-


hi the hinge stop on my tiffany sunglasses is broken , please can you tell me how much they are to repair , thank you

Karen Devenish

hi. I have a pair of tiffany sunglasses with a slightly bent arm, they also dont fit properly anymore and keep sliding off. how do I go about repairing them please?


my son broke the arm off my tiffany sunglasses. it is not where the hinge is but snapped half way down the arm. can you help? I cannot find the model number on line they are 23 years old. they have three diamond flowers on the arm

Laura Pritchard