Red or Dead Glasses Repair

Red or Dead Glasses Repair

Affordable Red or Dead repair by competent specialists working from a modern service centre. If you want a Red or Dead glasses repair, The Sun-Spec Fixer can help.

99.9% of faults with the glasses frame or lens can be repaired by the team. With over 50 years of experience, they know how to conduct repair work by hand.

All services come with a 1 year warranty as standard for added peace of mind that the work has been carried out to a professional standard.

The staff aim to complete your Red or Dead glasses repair by post within 48 hours.

Red or Dead Sunglasses Repair

Every Red or Dead sunglasses repair is performed at the well stocked independent glasses repair centre.

Thanks to the secure postal delivery service, your Red or Dead glasses will be sent to the national repair centre for quick repairs by the professionals.

With access to compatible equipment and components, all repairs are long lasting. Whilst delivering high quality repairs, the experts always ensure that their services are cost-effective.

They frequently finish Red or Dead sunglasses repairs within 48 hours, saving you time as well as money. With over 50 years of industry experience, the technicians can repair a vast number of different Red or Dead glasses problems and makes for customers.

For added reassurance, they include a 12 month warranty as standard on parts and labour.

Why not get a price by filling out the form with your contact information and enquiry. You'll soon be contacted to arrange your Red or Dead sunglasses repair by postal service to the repair centre.

Red or Dead Glasses Repairs

Red or Dead Glasses Repairs

For comprehensive Red or Dead glasses repairs, let The Sun-Spec Fixer help!

If you need a new pair of lenses, the technicians can help. They can fit a vast number of different lenses into your Red or Dead glasses frames.

For instance, if you want an upgrade they can fit UV, transition, tinted, or anti-scratch lenses at an affordable cost.

New prescription lenses can also be fitted precisely so that you can keep your favourite frames for longer. You can also get a lens reglazing service to extend the life of your Red or Dead glasses. They have a dedicated reglazing section at the dedicated national repair centre.

If your lenses are fine but your frames need some attention, then the specialists provide a number of Red or Dead glasses repairs which can help.

A common accident is stepping on your Red or Dead glasses, but they could still be fixed. Snapped frame arms can be welded back to original condition by hand, using the most up to date repair methods. Broken or lost arms can be replaced with identical components too.

For Red or Dead glasses, spring joints, nose pads, temple tips and screws can be repaired.

If your glasses are bent or uncomfortable, the technicians can straighten them carefully. A glasses service can help your glasses look their best, and keep them going for longer.

So whatever service you need, the specialists will do their utmost to help. All Red or Dead glasses repairs are made to be long lasting and economical, so you know you are getting a competitive service.

My specs have just arrived and I am delighted with them. You can't tell they were ever broken.

I never thought that they could be repaired - this have saved me around £300.

Excellent service.
5 / 5


Fantastic service, incredible repair. All good!! 5 / 5


Excellent support and service. The glasses were repaired and returned within 3 working days. 5 / 5


Fantastic service, glasses sent off on Monday back by Wednesday - perfect! 5 / 5

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Red or Dead Glasses Repair Quote

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Red or Dead Glasses Service

Red or Dead Glasses Service

If your Red or Dead glasses or sunglasses are not broken but look worn out, glasses servicing might be the answer you're looking for. The team can adjust the frames, tighten loose screws and clean away dirt which has built up on the hinges, nose pad and lenses.


Are Red or Dead glasses repairs affordable?

The technicians offer an economical Red or Dead glasses repair. In 99.9% of cases, a Red or Dead eyewear repair is achievable and will cost less than a replacement pair.


The lenses in my sunglasses are badly scratched. Can a red or Dead sunglasses repair help?

Yes, the specialists offering a Red or Dead sunglasses repair are adept at repairing and replacing loose lenses. If replacement lenses are required, they will use identical lenses to your original ones, or can fit new ones. Tinted, transition, UV, and anti-scuff lenses can all be fitted.


The frames on my sunglasses are faulty, can a Red or Dead sunglasses repair save them?

The team providing Red or Dead sunglasses repairs can weld snapped frames, and replace significantly broken ones with matching frames.


How long will a Red or Dead Glasses repair take to carry out?

Often Red or Dead glasses repairs can be done within 24-48 hours. If longer is required due to complicated faults or obscure parts being ordered, you will be notified swiftly.

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Sean Thompson

hi, the arm when it connects to the lens frame has broken, could this be repaired?thanks, steve

Steve Whitham

quicksilver 1temple tip ends are cracked and a piece broken offcan I get replacements to slide on pleasemy town redditch worcs.

Alex Rowan

the arm has fallen off my prescription/varifocal sunglasses. the hinge has snapped.i bought them at specsavers who say they are old stock and they are unable to replace the arm. they were expensive when I bought them and the prescription is still valid.i love the glasses and would like then repaired if possible.thank you.

Annie Physick

i have just stood on my nike flex€™s frame glasses,the bridge has snapped in half,can these be repaired?

Gary Hepple