Ray Ban Sunglasses Repair

Ray Ban Sunglasses Repair

Cost-effective Ray Ban sunglasses repair by experienced technicians. A Ray Ban sunglasses repair is incredibly convenient as its is offered by reliable postal delivery to the fully equipped national repair centre.

Why throw away your favourite Ray Ban glasses or sunglasses or spend hundreds on a new pair when a repair is quick and affordable.

With 50 years of industry presence, your Ray Ban eyewear will be in capable hands. In fact 99.9% of issues with your glasses can be fixed by the technicians within 24-48 hours in the majority of cases.

A 1 year warranty is offered as standard for your reassurance that the Ray Ban sunglasses repair has been conducted to a professional standard.

Ray Ban Glasses Repair

A world famous brand, Ray Ban was founded in 1937 by Lester Belisario. The iconic Aviator sunglasses were originally designed for US Army Air Service pilots who wanted 100% UV and glare protection from the sun.

At The Sun-Spec Fixer, the independent professionals that we connect you with are the best choice for a Ray Ban glasses repair.

They are unique from local opticians who only want to sell you a replacement pair of Ray Ban glasses in most cases.

The repair for your Ray Ban glasses will be conducted at the well stocked national repair centre, where your glasses can be conveniently delivered via reliable postal service. This saves you time and effort, with most services being accomplished within 48 hours.

At the well stocked national repair centre, the independent specialists work with each individual pair of Ray Ban glasses or sunglasses by hand.

Every Ray Ban glasses repair is completed to a professional standard, as the technicians repair your glasses by hand using appropriate tools and replacement parts.

The independent professionals work to the saying 'good as new', which is how your Ray Ban glasses will return to you. All repairs are provided with a 12 month warranty for extra reassurance that the repair is of a professional standard.

Ray Ban Sunglasses Repairs

Ray Ban Sunglasses Repairs

Exceptional Ray Ban sunglasses repairs, via express post to the fully equipped national repair centre. With over 50 years of industry know-how, you can trust the independent experts offering Ray Ban repair services.

They will repair your best Ray Ban glasses or sunglasses by hand in next to no time at all.

Whether you require new prescription lenses replaced, or want your sunglasses in nearly new condition for your holiday in the sun, the independent specialists can help.

The staff have experience in repairing popular Ray Ban sunglasses and glasses including Aviator, Original Wayfarer, New Wayfarer, Liteforce, Clubmaster, Round, Justin and Erika.

So whether you have old or new Ray Ban prescription glasses or designer sunglasses, the specialists know how to repair them skilfully.

All Ray Ban sunglasses repairs are made to be long lasting and effective, so you can wear your best Ray Ban glasses for longer.

Even if you've been informed that your Ray Bans should be replaced, you can save money and effort by checking if repairs are possible first.

In 99.9% of cases, successful repairs are possible, and will always be cheaper then replacing your Ray Ban glasses or sunglasses entirely.

You can get a price for your Ray Ban sunglasses repair by submitting the website form provided with your contact details and a brief description of the services required. A member of staff will contact you shortly to arrange your service via post to the independent repair centre.

Excellent service....priced to match order.
I'm passing your name to a lens maker who doesn't yet have a frame repairer.
Many, many thanks...superb job...glasses returned like new.
5 / 5


The service was first class. efficient and quick response to my initial query.
Glasses mended at a reasonable price and quickly returned in less than a week

5 / 5


They were amazing. My treasured Chanel glasses were fixed perfectly and returned the next day. Outstanding service 5 / 5


Excellent service. Could not fault them. Thank you. 5 / 5

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Ray Ban Sunglasses Repair Quote

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Ray Ban Sunglasses Frame Repair

Ray Ban Sunglasses Frame Repair

Ray Ban sunglasses frame repair covers acetate plastic and metal optical frames. It doesn't matter if its broken arms or has missing parts, the technicians can help.


My glasses retailer told me my Ray Ban glasses are beyond repair, what should I do?

Before throwing away your best Ray Ban glasses or sunglasses, find out if the independent professionals can help.

In 99.9% of scenarios, successful repairs are possible, saving you time and energy on getting a new pair of Ray Ban glasses. The professionals providing a Ray Ban sunglasses repair by postal service will always try their utmost to help you.


Will I get a warranty with my Ray Ban sunglasses repair?

The specialists offering Ray Ban sunglasses repair supply a warranty as standard. This 1 year warranty covers components replaced and labour.


The arm came off of my Ray Ban glasses, is a repair possible?

The technicians are able to repair and replace frame arms for customers at competitive price. They will use only the highest standard parts and tools in all Ray Ban glasses repair.


Can the staff offering Ray Ban sunglasses repairs restore multiple glasses?

The independent service can accept multiple Ray Ban sunglasses repairs. If you have a large number of Ray Ban glasses that need repairing, simply get in touch by the online form today.

i broke the right lens of my ray-bans and would like a new lens replacement.please can you let me know how much it would be?thank you

Jen Farrow

i need a replacement lens in my rayban new wayfarer x sunglasses please. could you please send me a price?

Robert Clayton

my husband sat on his glasses and broke one arm off completely and the other arm is bent

jane manyou

model ray bani dropped my sunglass on the ground and one of the frames is slightly bent. because of that I am not able to attach the lens back on it. can you please let me know if you can rectify this if yes I d like an estimate for the same. cheers mahesh

Mahesh Velusamy

i just need a new screw for ray ban x is that something you can hep with?


pair of ray ban wayfarer sunglasses rb2132 one lens broken after dropping on to hard surface .requires replacing would want you to complete the repair .

David Harling