Ray Ban Sunglasses Repair

Ray Ban Sunglasses Repair

Affordable Ray Ban sunglasses repair by skilled specialists. A Ray Ban sunglasses repair is incredibly convenient as its is offered by express postal delivery to the dedicated national repair centre.

Why throw away your favourite Ray Ban glasses or sunglasses or spend hundreds on a replacement pair when a repair is express and cost-effective.

With 50 years of industry experience, your Ray Ban eyewear will be in secure hands. In fact 99.9% of problems with your glasses can be repaired by the technicians within 24-48 hours in many cases.

A 1 year warranty is supplied as standard for additional peace of mind that the Ray Ban sunglasses repair has been completed to a professional standard.

Ray Ban Glasses Repair

A world famous brand, Ray Ban was founded in 1937 by Lester Belisario. The iconic Aviator sunglasses were originally created for US Army Air Service pilots who wanted 100% UV and glare protection from the sun.

At The Sun-Spec Fixer, the independent team that we get you in contact with are the top choice for a Ray Ban glasses repair.

They stand out from local opticians who only want to sell you a new pair of Ray Ban glasses in the vast majority of cases.

The repair for your Ray Ban glasses will be performed at the fully stocked national repair centre, where your glasses can be conveniently delivered by express postal service. This saves you money and energy, with most services being finished within 24-48 hours.

At the well equipped national repair centre, the independent experts work on each individual pair of Ray Ban glasses or sunglasses by hand.

Every Ray Ban glasses repair is conducted to a high standard, as the technicians repair your glasses by hand using compatible tools and replacement parts.

The independent specialists work to the slogan 'good as new', which is how your Ray Ban glasses will return to you. All repairs include a 1 year warranty for added peace of mind that the repair service is of a high standard.

Ray Ban Sunglasses Repairs

Ray Ban Sunglasses Repairs

Excellent Ray Ban sunglasses repairs, by direct post to the large national repair centre. With over 50 years of industry presence, you can trust the independent specialists offering Ray Ban repair services.

They will repair your favourite Ray Ban glasses or sunglasses by hand in next to no time at all.

Whether you need new prescription lenses replaced, or want your sunglasses in pristine condition for your holiday in the sun, the independent experts can help.

The team have experience in repairing popular Ray Ban sunglasses and glasses including Aviator, Original Wayfarer, New Wayfarer, Liteforce, Clubmaster, Round, Justin and Erika.

So whether you have old or new Ray Ban prescription glasses or designer sunglasses, the experts know how to repair them carefully.

All Ray Ban sunglasses repairs are made to be dependable and accurate, so you can enjoy your favourite Ray Ban glasses for longer.

Even if you've been informed that your Ray Bans should be replaced, you can save energy and money by seeing if repairs are possible first.

In most of cases, successful repairs are possible, and will always be less costly then replacing your Ray Ban glasses or sunglasses completely.

You can obtain a price for your Ray Ban sunglasses repair by filling out the online form provided with your contact details and a quick description of the service required. A member of staff will contact you soon to book your service via postal service to the fully equipped repair centre.

A very good service, principally supplied by Gina who was excellent. 5 / 5


Just received my specs back. Great Job, very pleased with the service, would definitely recommend, Thank You !! 5 / 5


Excellent service....priced to match order.
I'm passing your name to a lens maker who doesn't yet have a frame repairer.
Many, many thanks...superb job...glasses returned like new.
5 / 5


Excellent service. Could not fault them. Thank you. 5 / 5

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Ray Ban Sunglasses Repair Quote

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Scratched Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban Sunglasses Scratched

Prompt Ray Ban glasses repairs includes repairs for scuffed lenses, as well as replacement of damaged parts with high grade spares.


My glasses retailer told me my Ray Ban glasses are beyond repair, what should I do?

Before chucking away your valuable Ray Ban glasses or sunglasses, check if the independent technicians can help.

In 99.9% of scenarios, successful repairs are possible, saving you money and time on getting a new pair of Ray Ban glasses. The technicians providing a Ray Ban sunglasses repair by post will always try their best to help you.


Will I receive a warranty with my Ray Ban sunglasses repair?

The specialists offering Ray Ban sunglasses repair include a warranty as standard. This 1 year warranty covers components replaced and labour.


The arm broke off of my Ray Ban glasses, is a repair possible?

The team are able to repair and replace frame arms for customers at affordable price. They will use only the highest quality equipment and components in all Ray Ban glasses repair.


Can the staff offering Ray Ban sunglasses repairs fix multiple glasses?

The independent service can take on multiple Ray Ban sunglasses repairs. If you have many Ray Ban glasses that need repairing, just get in contact via the online form today.

i have a pair of ray ban sun glasses and one of the end pieces has brakes off, it doesn€™t seem to have bentis this something you can repair


hithe arm of my ray band sunglasses has snapped off is this something you can repair?many thanksmichelle

Michelle Bishop

hi I need new lenses for my rayban sunglasses.the model number is rb2434 6185/88 58 16.can you supply and fit rayban lenses for these?thanksregards mike greenough.

Michael Greenough

i am just after some new lenses for my ran ban polarized. rb x 710/83 p

Matthew Perez

my lenses have popped out of my ray ban frames


can you fix a cracked arm on my rayban rb2143. it will need welding, if so , how much ? thks

conrad duncan

hey I have pink rayban sunasses and just one side of the frame is bent the other sides ok and the lenses are fine. it€™s just the one side that needs bending back. how much will this cost?

Rosie randfield

i have scratched the right hand lense of a pair of ray ban sunglasses (model rb4165 justin 710/13) and need the lense replaced. can this be done, using a genuine rayban lense?

Michael wilson