Oakley Sunglasses Repair

Oakley Sunglasses Repair

Get a fast and professional Oakley sunglasses repair. Knowledgeable experts can accomplish an Oakley sunglasses repair within 24-48 hours by post. The glasses repair service is carried out by hand using high grade parts and tools.

Your Oakley glasses can be comprehensively repaired at the fully equipped repair centre. A full warranty is supplied with all repairs as standard, covering parts and labour for added peace of mind.

They advocate repairs over replacements, which can be expensive and time consuming. Thanks to the postal delivery and repair centre, their service is simple and cost-effective.

Whatever the fault with your glasses, whether you want frame repairs or lens reglazing, the team know how to effectively perform an Oakley sunglasses repair.

Oakley Glasses Repair

If you're searching for a competitive Oakley glasses repair, The Sun-Spec Fixer can help! The fully trained professionals can get your favourite pair of sunglasses or glasses back to a great condition again.

Your Oakley glasses can be expressly posted from any address, and delivered to the well stocked national repair centre.

Here the knowledgeable specialists have ready access to high standard tools and parts, so they can conduct repairs promptly and carefully.

A few of the models of Oakley glasses they can repair for individual or business customers include the Oakley Enduro, Daisy Chain, Dispute, Half Jacket, Jupiter, Garage, Taper, and Servo.

This short list covers only a few of the most popular Oakley glasses and sunglasses lines that the team can work on.

Often the team can repair your Oakley glasses within 48 hours. A 1 year warranty covering labour and parts as standard, is included with your repair.

Simply submit the online form on this page with your contact details and problem for a price. You will be contacted shortly by a team member, who will help you organise your Oakley glasses repair via postal delivery to the national repair centre.

Oakley Sunglasses Repair

Oakley Sunglasses Repair

When you require an Oakley sunglasses repair, then you'll want nothing but the best. If you own a pair of Oakley glasses or sunglasses, you'll know how important they can be.

Whether you use them to look good, to protect your eyes, or see more clearly, Oakley glasses can be an everyday necessity.

So it can be very annoying when your glasses need some repairs.

The skilled specialists realise this, which is why they provide comprehensive Oakley sunglasses repairs without the excessive price tag.

Repairs are always better than replacements, since they can save you a notable amount of money and time. And you can keep your most loved pair of Oakley glasses!

The skilled professionals can perform Oakley glasses repairs for a large variety of common problems, such as lens replacements, servicing, frame re-plating, nose pad replacement, frame soldering, lens reglazing, screw repairs, frame soldering, and temple tip replacement.

These are just a selection of the potential problems that the skilled technicians can conduct repairs.

In all repairs at the well equipped national repair centre, only high grade parts and tools are used.

This way, when the professionals are performing work by hand, they can ensure that repairs are exact and long lasting. They believe in providing value for money, so they want your Oakley sunglasses repair to be comprehensive.

Excellent service. Could not fault them. Thank you. 5 / 5


Took them
Down to there shop fixed them within minutes. Fantastic job
5 / 5


Excellent support and service. The glasses were repaired and returned within 3 working days. 5 / 5


They were amazing. My treasured Chanel glasses were fixed perfectly and returned the next day. Outstanding service 5 / 5

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Oakley Glasses Repairs

Oakley Glasses Repairs

Sunglasses new or old can be repaired to near new condition in time for the Summer. To learn more about Oakley glasses repairs, simply contact the team with the enquiry form today.


I've broken my Oakley glasses, and the lenses are smashed?

Don't panic! If there are scratches on your Oakley sunglasses, the lenses can be repaired or replaced using genuine quality parts and tools.


Does the service cover Oakley sunglasses nose pad replacement?

Yes, the team can replace lost nose pads, and repair loose ones. A cleaning service can also be provided alongside the repair to prolong the life of your Oakley glasses.


Can the team reglaze my Oakley sunglasses?

Yes a number of reglazing services are provided including various coatings and tints.


How long does it take to repair Oakley sunglasses?

Usually the Oakley sunglasses repair service takes only 48 hours to complete. If there are any delays, probably due to complex repairs being required or uncommon parts being required, you will be informed immediately.

hello, I have scratches on the frame of my oakley sunglasses would it be possible to fix this and colour match it to the rest of the glasses?


i need some prescription lenses for a pair of oakley race jacket frames. is this something you can supply. thanks


hi I have a pair of oakley sunglasses the arm has come of I still have it it just needs putting back on. there is also a crack in the frame so one lense pops off it€™s just a small crack in the side of the glasses . thanks kirstie


i need a new hinge for the left hand side of oakley crossrangeit is white that has the quick release spring catch to interchange the armis this somthing you can replace for me?thanksdave

Dave Housley

oakley splinter metal frames with prescription sunglasses lenses need repair - snapped over the right hand lens at junction with bridge.


i got a oakley sunglasses. conductor 8.one on the temple arm has been broken .how much is to replace the temple please?thank you