Oakley Sunglasses Repair

Oakley Sunglasses Repair

Have a prompt and effective Oakley sunglasses repair. Experienced specialists can conduct an Oakley sunglasses repair within 24-48 hours by post. The glasses repair service is carried out by hand using high quality tools and parts.

Your Oakley glasses can be thoroughly repaired at the large national repair centre. A 12 month warranty is included with all repairs as standard, covering labour and parts for added value for money.

They advocate repairs over replacements, which can be costly and time consuming. Thanks to the postal delivery and repair centre, their service is practical and agreeable.

Whatever the problem with your glasses, whether you need servicing or lens replacements, the team know how to properly perform an Oakley sunglasses repair.

Oakley Glasses Repair

If you're looking for a high quality Oakley glasses repair, then your search ends here! The capable specialists can get your best pair of sunglasses or glasses back to a great condition again.

Your Oakley glasses can be securely posted from any address, and delivered to the well equipped national repair centre.

Here the skilled professionals have instant access to high quality parts and tools, so they can carry out repairs efficiently and effectively.

A selection of the models of Oakley glasses they can repair for private or commercials customers include the Oakley Twoface, Miss Conduct, Razor Blade, Wingback, LBD, Pulse, Ringer, and Double Tap.

This brief list covers only a selection of the most popular Oakley glasses and sunglasses models that the team can work with.

Usually the team can repair your Oakley glasses within 24-48 hours. A full warranty covering labour and parts as standard, is supplied with your repair.

Just complete the online form on this page with your contact details and enquiry for a price. You will be contacted soon by a staff member, who will help you book your Oakley glasses repair via postal delivery to the national repair centre.

Oakley Sunglasses Repair

Oakley Sunglasses Repair

If you need an Oakley sunglasses repair, then you'll want only the best. If you have a pair of Oakley glasses or sunglasses, you'll know how essential they can be.

Whether you use them to see clearly, protect your eyes in the sunshine, or simply to look fashionable, Oakley glasses can be a daily essential.

So it can be very frustrating when your glasses get damaged.

The knowledgeable professionals know this, which is why they offer competitive Oakley sunglasses repairs without the large price tag.

Repairs are always preferable to replacements, since they can save you a large amount of time and money. And you can keep your best pair of Oakley glasses!

The trained technicians can perform Oakley glasses repairs for a wide number of common issues, such as lens replacements, servicing, frame re-plating, nose pad replacement, frame soldering, lens reglazing, screw repairs, frame soldering, and temple tip replacement.

These are only a sample of the possible issues that the trained specialists can undertake repairs.

In all repairs at the fully equipped national repair centre, only high standard tools and parts are used.

This way, when the specialists are performing work by hand, they can ensure that repairs are thorough and dependable. They believe in offering value for money, so they want your Oakley sunglasses repair to be worthwhile.

Very impressed with this company I sent an email explaining my problem with my sunglasses and got a prompt response.
My glasses are now on their way back to me fixed at a very reasonable price.

5 / 5


Prompt and professional handling; good value for money; thank you. 5 / 5


I was super impressed. It was fast service, very impressive and I'm totally happy with the result. 5 / 5


Fantastic Customer Service, professional, I cannot recommend them any higher, repaired and returned within a week, Thank you 5 / 5

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Oakley Sunglasses Repair Quote

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Oakley Sunglasses Lens Repair

Oakley Sunglasses Lens Repair

Oakley glasses lens repair can be completed within only 24-48 hours, so you won't be long to get your glasses back and use them again. If you have shattered lenses, or the lenses are lost, then they can be replaced or repaired by the team.


I've broken my Oakley glasses, and the lenses are smashed?

Don't worry! If your Oakley sunglasses are scratched, the lenses can be repaired or replaced using high quality parts and tools.


Does the service cover Oakley sunglasses nose pad replacement?

Yes, the team can replace lost nose pads, and repair damaged ones. A cleaning service can also be provided alongside the repair to prolong the life of your Oakley glasses.


Can the team reglaze my Oakley sunglasses?

Yes a variety of reglazing services are provided including various coatings and tints.


How long does it take to repair Oakley sunglasses?

Most of the time the Oakley sunglasses repair service takes just 48 hours to complete. If there are any delays, potentially due to complex repairs being required or rare parts being required, you will be notified immediately.

hi, I have an old oakley sunglasses, a-wire first generation I believe. the nose bridge on the frame is out of shape, and the nose rubbers

Jason Tomkins

i have two pairs of oakley bad man the arms have come of a pair of cross hair the lenses kekeep coming out and an other pair that needs repair

Mr John Kenny

hellothe arm of my prescription oakley sunglasses has broken. I can drop them off for repair in stockwell or victoria on 13th july if your workshop is open. kind regardsanna

Anna Khan

hisome of coating has come off. small patches. my glasses are oakley tangent.


i have a pair of oakley sunglasses and the hinge for one of the arms has broken and the arm is no longer attached

Susan Craft

oakley x siphon - I appear to have lost the screw from the arm/hinge.

Andy Welch